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What is the purpose of modifying the tail end of the exhaust pipe?

Nowadays, people like to pursue freedom and personality. They are not restricted. Modifications are common. The tail section of the exhaust pipe is the last part of the exhaust system, and it is also the last stage of the three-stage muffler of the exhaust system. Its structure and mid-section exhaust The pipes are basically the same. The original specifications of the tail section exhaust pipe material are also made of galvanized iron plate and iron pipe. The interior is also composed of back pressure baffle and sound-absorbing cotton. Let’s look at the modified exhaust pipe tail with the electric state editor. What's the use?

What is the use of modifying the tail end of the exhaust pipe-introduction

The shell of the high-performance tail section exhaust pipe is also made of durable and heat-resistant stainless steel. The interior is made of a rotary back pressure baffle to make the exhaust smoothly discharged. The stainless steel sound-absorbing cotton is wrapped with glass fiber sound-absorbing cotton, which can reduce While exhaust resistance, it maintains reasonable low-speed torque output of the engine, and greatly extends the service life of the silencer cotton, so that the exhaust pipe can maintain a stable exhaust smoothness while maintaining the normal silencing ability for a long time.

The titanium alloy tail section exhaust pipes that have appeared in recent years have not only greatly improved high temperature resistance and durability, but also greatly improved the exhaust efficiency due to the increase in exhaust temperature. The titanium alloy tail section exhaust pipes are light in weight and strong in material. Compared with the stainless steel tail section exhaust pipe of the same specification, the weight can be reduced by 40%, and the pipe wall can be 30% thinner. However, due to the difficulty of processing titanium alloy materials and the need for laser welding, the cost is nearly double that of stainless steel products.

What is the use of modifying the tail end of the exhaust pipe-the method of modifying the exhaust system

1) Only the tail section muffler drum: These muffler drums are usually environmentally friendly, and the exhaust does not come out directly. It needs to be twisted in the drum to come out, but there are fewer twists and turns. The appearance is beautiful, and the sound is better than the original factory, but it does not help much, because the catalytic converter still blocks the exhaust, and the exhaust is not smooth enough.

2) Mid-to-end section: Some exhaust brands will also provide an exhaust pipe in the middle section of the exhaust system. The middle section of the exhaust system is to remove the original catalytic system so that the exhaust can be smoother, and the horsepower of the vehicle will also be increased. Substantial improvement.

3) Full section exhaust for street version: This is an exhaust system from the exhaust port of the engine all the way to the end. This exhaust will remove all the environmental protection factor barriers installed in the original exhaust system to make the exhaust more For smoothness, there is a significant increase in horsepower.

For the above three types of exhausts, most of the well-known exhaust system modification brands will launch exhaust gas/noise standards around the world, corresponding to various car models, such as the JMCA logo of the Japanese brand and the European "e" Mark. Exhaust with these signs is an exhaust system that can be used on designated highways in many countries, and some small brands of exhaust without certification marks will be punished by traffic police in many countries.

What is the use of modifying the tail end of the exhaust pipe-matters needing attention

For mass-produced cars, since most drivers will not step on the accelerator pedal in a competitive manner on the road, the engine speed is only maintained within 3000 rpm for most of the time. Under such working conditions, the exhaust gas displacement is relatively small, and A thinner exhaust pipe can effectively ensure that the exhaust gas is pushed out of the exhaust pipe at a higher pressure, just like blocking a faucet by hand. At this time, the water flow speed will increase. The two principles are the same.

In fact, only after the engine speed is further increased, the characteristics of low back pressure will show an advantage. Due to the increase in exhaust gas displacement, standard-caliber exhaust pipes can no longer guarantee that exhaust gas can be discharged smoothly under effective pressure. Although the exhaust pressure rises instantaneously, it has broken through this so-called "dual linear function" (displacement volume and pipe Extremum range), the exhaust speed will be greatly reduced, which affects the four-stroke efficiency including the engine intake.

Of course, for the modified car owners, the engine's exhaust efficiency at high speeds will be given priority. The problem is then how to ensure that the low torque loss will not be too much. In fact, it is very difficult to achieve without losing low-torque, and the only way to reduce the proportion of low-torque loss is as much as possible.

Compared with the straight-through exhaust pipe with a relatively simple structure, the owner can give priority to the design of the internal back pressure form, because the internal back pressure exhaust pipe is perforated on the wall of the two exhaust pipes in the tail drum Processing, when the engine is in the low speed range, the exhaust gas exits the exhaust pipe in a longer path from the pipe, and in the high speed range, the exhaust gas will quickly enter the other exhaust gas closer to the bib from the air hole in the pipe wall Tube to ensure the exhaust speed.

As a back pressure exhaust pipe, the above design is passive in the process of adjusting the exhaust efficiency, and there is also a valve exhaust for active adjustment of the back pressure on the market. This exhaust pipe will be in front of the tail drum of the exhaust pipe. Two exhaust pipes flow out separately, one pipe passes through the silencer package, and the other pipe is straight-through. The owner can open and close the valve through the remote control according to the current engine working condition and speed, so as to pass through The adjustment of different pipelines changes the back pressure.

Of course, having said so much, the prerequisite is that the owner should also replace the mid-section exhaust. Apart from the moderately enlarged pipe diameter, the structure of the mid-section muffler package is also one of the key points. Since the mid-stage muffler pack is more inclined to reduce resonance, the owner can consider retaining this structure. If you want to get a larger exhaust sound wave by removing the mid-stage muffler pack, the effect is not obvious.

In car modification, there are many parts that can be changed, but there are many things that need to be paid attention to. For car modification, replacing the exhaust pipe is an indispensable item. In people's inherent knowledge, in addition to being able to listen to the majestic In addition to the exhaust noise, the strength of the power output can also be improved, and the appearance is also quite good, but the upgrade of the exhaust pipe is definitely not as simple as it is said. Don’t look at it as just a pipe made of aluminum alloy, but The doorway is not shallow, and the content shared by the editor about the use of modifying the tail end of the exhaust pipe is to see you again.