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What is a car exhaust pipe and its function

       Automobile exhaust bellows is also called automobile exhaust pipe hose. It is installed in the exhaust pipe between the engine exhaust branch pipe and the muffler to make the entire exhaust system flexibly connected, thereby reducing vibration and noise, and is convenient Install and extend the life of the exhaust muffler system. It is mainly used in light vehicles, mini-cars and passenger cars. Its structure is a double-layer corrugated tube covered with steel wire mesh sleeves, and the two ends of the straight side section are jacketed with snap rings. In order to achieve better noise reduction, the bellows can be equipped with telescopic Section or net set. Material: The main material is stainless steel SUS304, the material of the ferrule and the pipe can be stainless steel or aluminized steel.

       As far as the car exhaust pipe is concerned, it plays a role in reducing vibration and noise and prolonging the life of the exhaust muffler system. The main material of the exhaust pipe is stainless steel. For ordinary cars, because the exhaust gas of the car is under great pressure when it leaves the engine, the noise generated by the car may make people feel crazy. At this time, the main noise reduction function is the exhaust pipe of the car, and the noise reduction is installed inside it. It greatly reduces the noise of the car. And its main working principle is to split the airflow through multiple channels. These splits can only rub and collide with each other to gradually reduce the flow rate of the airflow. Such repeated cycles will eventually cause the exhaust gas to flow out through the exhaust pipe of the car, which reduces the noise! So as to achieve the effect of reducing noise in daily cars.

     The first thing to note is to prevent water from entering the muffler. When driving on deep water roads or washing cars, prevent water from entering the muffler. If water enters accidentally, the engine should be started for at least 10 minutes to warm up the car at idle speed, and try to drain the accumulated water inside. And add anti-rust oil inside the muffler, here I want to emphasize the specific method of refueling:

      first of all

      Remove the muffler, plug the drain hole at the lowest position in the middle of the muffler, and then add anti-rust oil from the connection between the muffler and the engine, shake the muffler to let the anti-rust oil evenly enter the cylinder, and then install the muffler. As the muffler temperature gradually rises, it prevents rust. When the oil is heated, it will volatilize and blue smoke will be emitted from the tail of the muffler. But the blue smoke will disappear after driving about 20 kilometers. After the blue smoke disappears, remove the blockage of the drain hole. It is also suggested that the new car should be refueled and maintained once the license is on the card, and that it should be refueled and maintained every six months.


       It is the discoloration of the muffler that many people are concerned about. When the car encounters a situation that is difficult to start, you should first close the choke door to start the engine, and pay attention to opening the choke door in time. Do not drive at high speed and low gear for a long time with the choke door closed. This will cause damage to the engine and the muffler; secondly, pay attention not to hit the throttle at high speed on the spot for a long time, because when the surface of the muffler is oily, after you start the car It will make its surface color discolored and yellow. In addition, when there is a large amount of dirt and other dirt on the surface of the muffler, it must be cleaned up in time to avoid affecting its heat dissipation function.


     Although the exhaust pipe is not a precision part inside the car and is exposed, many people think it must be a durable part. Therefore, even if it is covered with dirt, it will be considered normal. But a very important point is that the exhaust pipe can connect foreign matter with the interior of the car, and its main function is to discharge the exhaust gas from the interior of the car. However, if you drive improperly, substances that are harmful to the interior of the car will enter the car through the exhaust pipe. Therefore, the maintenance of the exhaust pipe is the maintenance of the interior of the car in various senses.